Why Can’t People Be More Like Me (10am GMT)

Energetic, engaging and inspirational, Andy asks critical questions about your business relationships and how you understand others, yourself and your teams, Andy’s presentations are always highly motivational, thought provoking and fun.

Global Leadership Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Author.

Influence In A Changing World (11am GMT)

Warren will be exploring how society has changed and how we have to adapt our communication to stay engaged with our audience.

International Thought Leader, Speaker & Champion of Small Business

How To Build Your Brand & Build Your Business (2pm GMT)

Sapna will help you gain some brand clarity, show you how to get supercharged and give you advice on how to stand out in a crowded marketplace. This session is for ambitious owners and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference.

Let’s Get Visible! Multi-Award Winning Brand Consultant, Author, Speaker & Lecturer

The Power Of You (3pm GMT)

Andy is an inspirational and award winning presenter, multi-million pound charity fundraiser and founder of The Inspiration Bureau, which helps people to inform and inspire others by providing presentation and fundraising consultancy. He has motivated audiences and individuals to engage in business and charity causes alike, delivering extraordinary results, personally securing six figure private donations and corporate partnerships.

Open With A Close (4:30pm GMT)

Turning sales on its head Matt focuses on the ‘ancient art of closing’, covering the language, how to avoid the fear that causes prospects to stall and object. And he’ll also share with you the 6 magic words that will double your conversions.

Sales & Closing Deals Expert, Global Keynote Speaker & Author

Using Your Reviews To Come Out Of Covid Stronger (5:15pm GMT)

Understanding the correlation between collecting and using reviews to drive and grow revenues, Nigel will show you the data and the money! Sharing with you how his 3-month experiment on Google led to an increase in revenue of 50%.

Serial Entrepreneur, previous Director of eCommerce at Kwik-Fit, Founder TRUSTist

Tapping Your Inner Business Wisdom (6pm GMT)

Andrew’s unique approach to life coaching intertwines the power of our journeys with our innate curiosity as humans. The result is powerful. No amount of advice from others or self-help books can replace the time we spend experiencing what our world has to offer first-hand.

The Journeyist Mindset & mBraining Master Coach

Empowering Excellence In Customer Service (7pm GMT)

For over 40 years John has focused solely on helping organisations drive a service culture, creating customer experiences based on practicality, simplicity and common sense.

Global Leader, Author and Founder & President of The Service Quality Institute.

Innovating Your Business Brand (8pm GMT)

Barnaby will take you through his foundational marketing system, a programme he has applied to over 570 brands worldwide. Get more clarity how to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in marketing.

Top 200 Integrated Advertising Agency & Author of The Brand Bucket Programme

Events For Growth (6am GMT 18.12.20)

Harnessing the value of collaboration and connection – made possible through the wonderful chemistry of bringing people together. In person and online. There is a powerful magic that flows from meeting and shared experiences. Join Alex as he shares with you the enjoyable revenue growth opportunities of holding events.

Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, mBraining Master Coach & Crypto Investor