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Thursday 24th June 9am
The Non-Stop 24hr Virtual Global Business Show

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What’s Happening

Fascinating, illuminating and engaging.
We are bringing you an eclectic mix of business and personal inspiration.
Designed to get you thinking something different. Intended to get you doing something different.

Introducing an amazing programme of speakers and top business talent.

How To Maximise Employee Engagement

Lord Mark Price, Founder of WorkL For Business and WorkL presents his six steps to workplace happiness, to create an engaged workforce, which ultimately creates a more commercially successful business.

Lord Price passes on his 30 years’ of experience as a successful businessman, from his time leading Waitrose to being appointed Minister of State for Trade and Investment.

Founder, President CMI, Chair Fairtrade, Director CCEP, House of Lords. Perry maker.

The Art of Pitching Yourself & Your Value to the Marketplace

During this 40 minute session you will learn the art of pitching yourself and why it’s an absolutely critical skill in modern working life. Whether it’s an elevator pitch, your personal storytelling, preparing for a job interview or managing your reputation, you will gain valuable insights and skills on how to share your value.

Helping individuals and organisations create engagement and inspiration around managing change.

Founder Brave Personal Development / Leadership & Culture Consultant – Hammer & Hanborg / TEDx Host.

Don't Sell Features, Sell Benefits

What do you sell? How do you buy? We all have different contexts, different styles, different priorities… but perhaps we all ultimately sell the same thing.
Warren Cass will discuss ‘certainty’ and the level of confidence required by a prospect before they part with their hard earned cash.

Helping you create deep influence with the people you serve.

International Thought Leader, Speaker & Champion of Small Business.

There's Only Two Things Holding You Back - You And Other People

Learn about Alison’s magic formula to achieve your goals and get what YOU want. Alison will encourage you to think about what you want & why do you want it? What’s stopping you from achieving your goals and how do you get what you want? You will takeaway stronger relationships, a deeper knowledge on your own mindset & a clear plan for achieving your goals.

Alison Edgar MBE, 2 x Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Coach.

The Profit Secret Webinar - How To Sell More At A Higher Margin

Whether you are completely new to sales or have many years’ experience as a business owner, The Profit Secret reveals something that has been hiding in full view for years, something that frequently means we lose out on profit, even though we win the sale. This webinar highlights some of the key ideas, mechanisms, & strategies from the new book. Ideas to challenge conventional thinking about how to sell profitably.

Five Best Selling Business Books, Popular International Speaker.

VIVA - Virtual Interactive Value - Added Selling - Ideas You Should Have Introduced Yesterday

The price objection is never valid. Learn from a former top Account Executive (#1 out of 1,100) & National Account Manager for AT&T. Helping companies of all sizes raise their prices & volumes simultaneously. Learn how the science of selling, the new buyer expectations, & the latest technologies & processes can keep you ahead of your competitors – large & small.

NSA Speaker Hall of Fame, Professional Speaker & Sales Trainer, Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Veterans Advocate of the Year.

Driving Sales By Delivering Superior Customer Service

For over 40 years John has focused solely on helping organisations drive a service culture, creating customer experiences based on practicality, simplicity and common sense.

Global Leader, Author and Founder & President of The Service Quality Institute.

Business On The Block

Blockchain technologies are helping companies to stay competitive in a world where consumers demand proof of ethical, sustainable supply chains. Find out what makes blockchain special and how businesses, from car manufacturers to farmers are using it to build trust and save money.

Author, Speaker, Digital Strategist, Blockchain Explainer.

How To Develop & Coach A Remote Sales Team

Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders, named one of the best leading coaching organisations worldwide. Since 1989 Keith has delivered programs to over 3 million sales leaders on six continents and in over 75 countries. In Keith’s presentation he will show you leadership & performance skills that can help you develop and motivate your sales team, even when working remotely.

Influential Executive Coach, a #1 Best-Selling Author of Sales Leadership & Coaching.

Fitness And Finance : Know Your Numbers

When you do any form of exercise or go to the gym, I’m sure you know the numbers for your heartbeat, calories burned and distance run or walked. You might even know your weight, blood pressure and other data about your own performance but what about your business?
What data do you know about your business? What should you know?

Professional Trainer & Coach. Avid Networker and Public Speaker.

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Networking Sessions



Bringing the world of business to you

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There’s great business content coming non-stop for 24hrs.
Look for timing overlaps between the different time zones.
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Building business back better in 2021 and beyond

This event has a firm focus on growth and building a better future.
Our core focus being Sales & Marketing and Leadership & Performance
This is your invitation to participate. Don’t miss out!


Live Workshops

Fantastic business learning opportunities to focus your attention on the year head. These are practical ‘how to…’ sessions focused on business development and personal growth. Our hosts will offer you many new ideas, insights and inspirations in these live sessions.


Live Networking

Connect, collaborate and get creating… networking across the world in three time zones, this is a tremendous opportunity for you to develop and grow your business connections and influence. There are at least three live networking sessions in each time zone. Sign up to join in. Meet new people to do business with and find new suppliers to help you grow in 2021 and beyond.


Speaker Sessions

There is a tremendous wealth of talent, experience and business knowledge lining up at this event. From world champions to everyday leaders, there is so much valuable information being shared on this event, that you will not want to miss a thing. Your ticket gives you 30days access after the event, so you can catch up with all the speakers from around the world.

Attend Quantum Leap

Small Business Is Fighting Back.
After a tough year we must all now look to the future.
Working together in a spirit of global collaboration.
Join the movement.

This event is for you…


Starting up or starting out, then this event is for you. There is an abundance of super business insights and resources available to you at this event. Decades of knowledge condensed into 24hrs. An absolutely amazing opportunity to give your start up an unfair advantage every business needs.


Solo entrepreneur

No need to be on your own. Come and join our gang for the day. There are great opportunities to connect, share and engage throughout the whole day. Play fast and loose with the time zones and you can meet other owner entrepreneurs from around the world.


Micro business

You’ve got a small team and are often operating with your head down, firmly in the day-to-day. So, grab this opportunity with both hands, get your head up and out of your business for one day. Take a day out to absorb the depth and breadth of knowledge on offer at this incredible event. It’s a small investment for a big return.


Small enterprise

You are keen to grow your company. You want to make some moves forward. So, which ones? Sounds like you need some fresh ideas and perspectives from experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who have been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt. There’s a whole stack of talent and capability to tap into here.