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WISDOMS™ is a World Centre for Personal And Business Success

Through various media new thinking is prompted based on provocative images and statements. The idea is to create conversations that challenge people’s thinking and preconceived ideas about themselves, others, and the world we live in.
Our intention is to flip our tendency to the negative and so stimulate fresh ideas, new opportunities, changed behaviour and results that positively impact our personal, business and social lives.


We help businesses, with our four-step approach and stars in Google organic search results, generate new sales – often in excess of 50%. Here is what Kevin Martin, Online Director at Timpson Group, had to say in a recent review about how Trustist help Timpson Group.
“Trustist provide the Timpson Group with a superb reviews platform that gives us so many benefits from insights to help improve our customer service through to improved SEO and increased footfall. Highly recommend.”
This can all be done for your business as well, in four simple steps, find out more here – How It Works


The Bizspot Platform is a business marketing platform for opportunities in the alternative marketplace, such as barter networks, discount hubs, exclusive clubs, investment syndicates etc.

The Bizspot platform offers FREE access & memberships for anyone who is genuinely interested in saving money when buying or selling products, services and investment opportunities.

Once signed up to the Bizspot Platform, our members will enjoy many benefits such as;

– Connecting with businesses that can offer genuine discounts or accept Barter Trade Credits (BTC) as part of the payment.
– Taking advantage of discounted products or services and unique special offers.
– Deals that are uniquely available in other alternative marketplaces, such as Barter Exchanges or Exclusive Discount hubs.
– Unique Cashless Investment Opportunities, especially in real-estate sector.
– Free access to Bartering and Alternative networks.
– Lead generation when selling products or services.

And much more…

CTX - Carbon Trade Exchange

CTX was founded in 2009 following 2 years of R&D, launching operationally in London and then in Sydney in 2010. The same year CTX negotiated with Westpac to create an electronic interface with CTX.

Today CTX is operated by Environmental Markets Services Ltd, a UK-based subsidiary of Global Environmental Markets (GEM). Under the CTX brand, EMS trades Carbon Credits certified by the Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard and United Nations CDM. We also offer other Carbon Services, including: Carbon Offsetting; Carbon Neutral Certification; Carbon Project Development; and Carbon Footprinting.
Since 2009 the CTX group of companies has offset over 100 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, helping companies to fund renewable energy, forest conservation and community projects all over the world. CTX currently operates out the UK and Australia.


Canon is the leading name in imaging and has been for the past 80 years. A leading provider of consumer, business-to-business, and industrial digital imaging solutions. An emphasis on technology is part of Canon’s corporate DNA – dedicated to helping people reimagine what is possible through imaging.