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FREE eBOOK  Why Can’t People Be More Like Me – Andy Edwards

Have you ever thought that everyone around you is an utter idiot? Have you ever wished that other people could see things the way YOU see them? Have you ever wished that others were a little bit more like you? Then this book is for you!

Here’s a free copy of Andy Edward’s book – ‘Why Can’t People Be More Like Me’

FREE eBOOK The Success Blueprint – Edward Fitzgerald

“Don’t be afraid to start over.

You might love your new story!“

For the last 30 years I have fulfilled the role of principal advisor to early stage start-ups, multi-national organisations, NGOs and Governments on subjects as diverse as Technology, Regulation and International Trade related matters in 80 countries.
Aged 23, I founded my first business, a specialist consultancy firm initially assisting leading technology companies to take their products from idea through Research & Development to market launch. I gained a reputation for being the ‘go-to’ problem fixer overcoming any technical, regulatory, commercial or cultural issues that posed an obstacle to market launch. Enabling clients to reduce valuable time to market ahead of the competition. I grew the firm with a core staff to establish offices on three continents – adapting as we helped our clients build the internet, survived two financial crashes and the dot.com bubble bursting!

Here’s a free copy of EdwardFitzgerald’s book – ‘The Success Blueprint’

Here’s a link to the Doyle Buehler’s Digital Expedition Micro-training Course

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People are facing uncertainty, fear and many are struggling with stress, anxiety and difficulty with emotional state  management.  But there is no need to fall into a state of sadness, defeat or anxiety.  Within lockdown, and beyond, it is wise to get support and to learn the physiological techniques to learn how to keep yourself in balance

 Free First Aid Kit


 FREE Presentation Tips ► Rebecca Lodge-Birkebaek

In today’s social media and content driven world every business owner needs to be able to present themselves properly – and like everything it requires technique and take practice. Rebecca will show you how

 Rebecca Lodge-Birkebaek’s Top 10 Tips For Presenting Online


 FREE BOOK – Let’s Get Visible ► Sapna Pieroux 

Interested to find out more about how to build your brand and build your business? Then look no further than “Let’s Get Visible”. Sapna won an award for Start Up Inspiration at the Business Book Awards in March 2020.

 Grab a FREE copy of ‘Let’s Get Visible’ – Sapna Pieroux’ Book #1 Best Seller


 FREE NETWORKING PASSES – Your Partnerships 

Your Partnerships are a network built on helping each other. Holding over 180 events per month, seeing between 700 – 1k businesses connecting each week.
A complimentary pass only lets you experience the platform.



 FREE 30 MINS SESSION – Karen Chaston 

In this global competitive world, where the lines between home life and business life are forever blurring, now is the time for us to find unique and different solutions to increase productivity and profitability.

This chat is designed for us to see how together we can ensure that your people, purpose and profits are always thriving.

Free 30 Minute Session with Karen Chaston: People Profits Connection


 FREE BOOK – Forces For Good by Paul Hargreaves 

Do you want your business to step up and make a meaningful difference?
There’s a new generation of businesses emerging. They’re working together to make a positive impact on the world by redefining what it means to be successful.

By changing the way you work and considering the impact of the decisions you make, you can join them in reducing poverty, injustice and environmental damage by balancing purpose with profit.

Link to Paul Hargreaves Book – Forces For Good


► FREE Personality Profile Offer – Andy Edwards

Based on Jungian Psychology, the following colour card exercise will take you less than a minute – but could lead to greater self-awareness!

Andy Edwards offers a ‘complimentary profile’ offer.  Two pages all about you, your personality, likes/dislikes, strengths, challenge’s etc.


► TRUSTist sign up deal 

Hundreds of customers around the world use TRUSTist Local Reviews and
integrations with Google, Facebook and Twitter to promote their businesses online.

2 Months Signup with TRUSTist for £1 A Month!


► The “7 Voices In Your Head” – Bill Guertin

Bill Guertin is one of the top sales training authorities in North American Professional Sports, having worked with over 60 professional teams to dramatically increase their sales representative’s performance and crush their sales goals.

Bill Guertin – Your Personal Action Plan To Re-Program The “7 Voices In Your Head”


► FREE Digital Strategy & Marketing Book – #Breakthrough – Doyle Buehler 

#Breakthrough is about creating digital transformation with key insights for business owners on strategic digital marketing, social selling, digital workflows and the disciplines of digital leadership. Many businesses and entrepreneurs have lost the real focus on what is really important about their business online. They’re uncertain on how to create…

#Breakthrough Digital Strategy & Marketing Book by Doyle Buehler


►30 minute chat with Paul Hargreaves 

Paul Hargreaves is the Founder and Chief Executive of Cotswold Fayre Ltd, a speciality & Fine food wholesaler that supplies nearly 2,000 retail outlets throughout the UK. 

 Paul is offering a 30 minute chat with a CEO about making their business a ‘Force for Good’ in his capacity as a B Corp Ambassador


►Develop your presenting pitch and make your voice heard with Rebecca Lodge-Birkebaek’s FREE 30 minute coaching session!

Free 30 minute session with professional public speaking and presentation coach! Together you can find out how to take your presenting to the next level.

 FREE 30 minute session with Rebecca Lodge-Birkebaek – Make Your Voice Heard


► 25% off a PMA4U Package for the e-shop and voucher!

Keith Willet has developed and proven business plan template and financial planning tool to ensure any business (start-ups/existing) can access their accounts daily/monthly and understand the impacts of the decisions that have been or are being made. 

Find out more about PMA4U

25% off a PMA4U package for the e shop and a voucher


►20 minute website success strategy review with A1WebStats!

A1WebStats are a passionate team of website effectiveness and online visibility experts who want nothing more than to help companies grow stronger through a much better understanding of how websites are performing, followed by making changes that will make their websites generate more business.

AWebStats are offering a 20 minute website success strategy review phone/zoom call showing ways that would be 100% guaranteed to gain more business. No sales pitch – just beneficial information.


►FREE Book – Matthew Elwell – “Open With A Close”

“Nobody likes salespeople… which is exactly why this works!”
The twelve point guide to closing more sales.

‘Open With A Close’ sets out my unique, twelve-step process to close more business. And unlike most sales systems, this is NOT about the usual copy-and-paste scripts, or “call 1,000, sell 10” persuasion rubbish!

FREE book – Matthew Elwell’s “Open With A Close”


►FREE Books – Karen Chaston 

The Chaston Centre’s programs, webinars, books, podcast and TV shows bring together all the wisdom Karen has gathered (with Dan’s guidance), on her Journey from unhealthy living in a groundhog day daze, CFO to the fun loving Beyond Loss Expert, she has become today. Get your free copies below;

Life After Loss

Life After Divorce

Life After Redundancy


►FREE Code for Online Courses on the Udemy Platform – Andy Ewards

Andy Edwards is offering a FREE code to his online courses on the Udemy platform. The Yoo course covers 3 related areas: Developing confidence; Building great relationships and Making positive changes. Coupon Code = DECEMBERYOO

Yoo: Develop Confidence; Build Relationships; Make Changes!


►E-Commerce: One-hour roadmap session with Brian Wrigley at MP Growth

Brian Wrigley, Founder MP Growth is offering a one-hour roadmap session at BBX£250 plus a complimentary hour session on Digital Marketing (worth BBX£250)

Voucher – E-Commerce: One-Hour Roadmap Session


►FREE Book! Joe & Dawn Pici – “Daily Habits Of Top Sales Professionals”.

“If you want what they have, you must do what  they have done.” Zig Zigler

Discover and apply the daily habits of top sales professionals and watch your book of business grow!

 Joe & Dawn Pici’s FREE book – “Daily Habits Of Top Sales Professionals”


►The Sales-Readiness-to-Hire scorecard

The Sales-Readiness-to-Hire scorecard is designed to help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses understand and review the 4 critical elements of the sales ‘machine’ which MUST be in place if your intended sales hire has any chance of succeeding. By completing the scorecard you will have a complete understanding of the robustness of your sales function and identify areas you can strengthen, to give you greater certainty, predictability and ROI when you do hire. Developed by one of the Partners at KONA Group.
It’s FREE – only takes 4-minutes – and there’s no strings attached.


The Sales-Readiness-to-Hire scorecard


► FREE Book! Brian Wrigley – “How To Find £10k in 45 minutes”.

Brian Wrigley is an SMB Profit Coach helping Accountants & CPA’s to become the practise whose small business clients adore because of the value they bring. 

Brian Wrigley’s FREE book – “How To Find £10k in 45 Minutes”


 FREE Book! Garret Norris – “Build A Healthy Business”.

Garret Norris is the MD of KONA Group, working closely with one of our speakers Glenn Dobson. Garret is also the Chief  Executive Officer at The Healthy Business Group.

He shares his book “Build A Healthy Business”.

Every executive and every sales leader craves a high-performance sales team. For that matter, every salesperson wants to be part of a winning sales team. Unfortunately it is rare to find the type of sales leadership and a truly healthy sales culture that promote and sustain long-term high-performance in sales. 

Garret Norris’ FREE book – “Build A Healthy Business”

 FREE Profile Reading voucher from The Colour Ministry

The Colour Ministry, a company of Professional Colour Consultants who are
passionate about colour and how it impacts our daily lives. Colour can stimulate
healing and regeneration of the body, inspire our minds and activate our energies.

FREE Profile Reading Voucher


► FREE e-book – Introduction To Be The Neuroscience Of mBraining – Exploring Your Multiple Brains – DR Suzanne Henwood

The goal of this eBook is to give you a taster of the new field of applied neuroscience known as mBraining. We hope you enjoy it!

Register for your FREE e-book



Offering a range of therapies to help you with stress management, anxiety and other challenges you may be experiencing in life. 

Voucher for a therapy session with Renie Price at Therapy 4 Stress.

► FREE 30 minute Brand Clarity Intro Consultation with Sapna Pieroux, Founder, Inner Visions iD”.

InnerVisions ID: Branding that means Business. They provide SMEs with an intelligent, multi-dimensional marketing-savvy, and commercially-aware approach to design, branding, positioning and communication, including copy-writing and UX/Web development.

Click here to book your FREE 30 minute Brand Clarity Intro Consultation with Sapna Pieroux


► 30 minute consultation to go through your brand! – Lauren Jones 

Lauren Jones is the Founder of Box Creative is a leading brand design consultancy dedicated to helping purpose-led and women-owned organisations grow their business by creating extraordinary brand design and experiences.

FREE 30-minute consultation to go through your brand with Lauren Jones – Founder of Box Creative


►  Thomas Greco shares – Money and Debt: A Solution to the Global Crisis

Provides the answers, and does so in a way which anyone can understand. Based on many years of research, this book shows how environmental and social degradation result from unsound monetary and financial structures. Further, it outlines an approach to solving the crisis based on private initiative and voluntary participation -‑ an approach which is both liberative and equitable.
This book can be downloaded free.

There are three PDF files that contain the three parts respectively.

Part I   Political Money and the Debt Imperative: Why the Budget Can’t Be Balanced

Part II   Freedom and the Monetary Ideal

Part III   Segregated Monetary Functions and an Objective, Global, Standard Unit of Account