Exhibitor Details & Uploads

To enable us to update your Exhibitor booth (see a live example here) we require the following input  from you.
Please do not enter data in fields if no changes to those specific fields are not required.

Which Business Zone you are operating in namely:  Blue or Red or Green.
Which Time Zone you are from namely White or Blue or Gold.
See here for details if you are not sure of the categories.

Social media links should include your Zoom meeting ID/WhatsApp tel number with country code, as well as Facebook/LinkedIn/twitter/Youtube/Instagram/Calendly/email or any other Social media links you would like available on your exhibit.

Company Colours refer to your branding colours. If you have the Hex or RGBA codes this is ideal, alternatively click here for a colour chart.

Upload Files Section:
Please note the logo/images acceptable formats are .png / .jpg / .jpeg