We have tools to provide intelligence to generate leads, and help litigation funders, ATE insurers and law firms

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Welcome to our Virtual Exhibition Booth!


Our booth above functions much the same as a regular expo booth minus the hassle of you needing to go to the venue to see it.

Below are some tips to make navigating our booth a breeze:

  • Rotate your screen for the best viewing experience on mobile devices.
  • You will see the small blue circles located on the Virtual Booth. These have info about who we are and how we can help you.
  • If you move your mouse pointer over any of the circles (or tap and hold if on a mobile device) and an info box will appear letting you know what you will be getting once you have clicked/tapped.

It is literally as simple as that!

Looking for more information?

We work with several different types of professionals and companies, including Barristers, Expert Witnesses and Forensic Accountants

Lead Generator
Have the choice of either licensing our software and selling packaged cases to your own partners, or working with us and our partners on a more simple lead generation basis.
Litigation Funders
We are able to introduce a wide range of Law Firms to fit the requirements of the Funders. We also provide the Funders confidence that the cases will have the strength in support with our reports, maximising the chance of success

ATE Insurers
As well as providing new business opportunities, we provide essential transparency to Insurers. We show the strength of cases and can provide access to market leading Forensic Accountants and Expert Witnesses. We want to minimise, as much as possible, the liability ATE Insurers are exposed to.

Law Firms
We provide Solicitors with a full Report production service, not only offering tailored report structure, but also access to pre-qualified clients. Solicitors are involved in the development of their cases so that the report can be tailored according to their individual application of the law.

Loan Calculators
Reconstruct accounts. Our software takes account statements and verifies that the lender applied interest rates and fees correctly.

Simple, familiar interface. We built our calculator on top of excel to make it as easy to use as possible.