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What’s Happening

Fascinating, illuminating and engaging.
We are bringing you an eclectic mix of business and personal inspiration.
Designed to get you thinking something different. Intended to get you doing something different. The end of 2020. The start of 2021.

Introducing an amazing programme of speakers and top business talent.

One Of The 20 Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Offering insights from an incredible sporting career Jeff will be sharing stories and life lessons from a stellar career in professional sport. As the third fastest boxer of all time to become world champion, Jeff has achieved unbelievable pinnacles of personal achievement. Enjoy personal stories from his pro career and life after boxing.

Holder of 4 World Titles In 3 Categories

How To Live An Extraordinary Life

You will laugh as you learn a life-changing system that is both hard hitting and humorous. Get ready to receive the skills you need to achieve anything, setting ambitious, fulfilling and significant business and personal goals.

Authors with 18 Bestsellers with over 30 million copies sold, Regular TV & Media Appearances Worldwide and Global Keynote Speakers

Driving Revenue Growth With Trust

Understanding the correlation between collecting and using reviews to drive and grow revenues, Nigel will show you the data and the money! Sharing with you how his 3month experiment on Google led to an increase in revenue of 50%.

Serial Entrepreneur, previous Director of eCommerce at Kwik-Fit, Founder Trustist

Empowering Excellence In Customer Service

For over 40 years John has focused solely on helping organisations drive a service culture, creating customer experiences based on practicality, simplicity and common sense.

Global Leader, Author and Founder & President of The Service Quality Institute

The Reinvention Of Retail & The High Street

Discussing the impacts of eCommerce, rents and Covid 19 on our high streets, Tony will be sharing his decades of retail experience, knowledge and insights, and sharing his views on ‘High Street 2.0’, the how, when and where of the reinvention of our town centres and the shopping experience.

Owner of Beales Department Stores and Retail Trends Analyst

Global Economy – Local Business

Bringing a global perspective around the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution, Dr. Patrick will provide insights how through better business you can make people’s lives fundamentally better.

Consultant, International Finance, Economic Policy & International Trade

Why Can’t People Be More Like Me

Energetic, engaging and inspirational, Andy asks critical questions about your business relationships and how you understand others, yourself and your teams, Andy’s presentations are always highly motivational, thought provoking and fun.

Global Leadership Trainer, Keynote Speaker and Author

Managing Stress & Anxiety In Business

Sharing her skills in leadership, stress and psychological safety, Suzanne works with business clients creating a healing space for owners and entrepreneurs who want to step up and stand out.

mBraining Global Leader & Master Trainer

Influence In A Changing World

Warren will be exploring how society has changed and how we have to adapt our communication to stay engaged with our audience.

International Thought Leader, Speaker & Champion of Small Business

Speak Happy Presentations

Showing you physical and vocal techniques that will help you eliminate bad habits, improve projection and increase confidence, Rebecca gives you the tools to make a real difference to your public speaking.

Professional Opera Singer & Public Speaking Coach

Building Your Purpose Led Business

Lauren helps brave women in business realise their boldest ambitions with branding they can be proud of.

Certified Brand Strategist & Consultant

Digital First – The New Normal

Warren will be transforming how you view disruptive technology, empowering you with positive choices to reach your business objectives and build a stronger business.

Top 100 Global Influencer & Top 100 Tech Influencer

How To Build Your Brand & Build Your Business

Sapna will help you gain some brand clarity, show you how to get supercharged and give you advice on how to stand out in a crowded marketplace. This session is for ambitious owners and entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. Let’s Get Visible!

Multi-Award Winning Brand Consultant, Author, Speaker & Lecturer


From Bedroom To Exit in 19yrs…

Hear the incredible success story of Check-A-Trade, from starting out in his bedroom to achieving a £78million exit. Get the insights straight from Kevin himself. He’ll be sharing the ups, downs, the lessons learned and the small things that made all the difference on his 19 years business journey.

Founder Byrne Property, Arc Pathway & Buchanan Park Homes

Build Your Brilliant Business With Coaching

Philippa will be showing you how through coaching you can build a business that is enjoyable to run, financially rewarding and a place that people want to work.

Consultant, Coach & Business Leader

Open With A Close

Turning sales on its head Matt focuses on the ‘ancient art of closing’, covering the language, how to avoid the fear that causes prospects to stall and object. And he’ll also share with you the 6 magic words that will double your conversions.

Sales & Closing Expert, Global Keynote Speaker & Author

The Power Of You

People want to hear from YOU, not your brand. Being truly yourself can be a challenge in the business world, but by reflecting on your experiences the real power of YOU can come through to engage others and build trust.

Multi-Million £ Fundraiser, Major Appeal Specialist and Founder of The Inspiration Bureau

Connecting You To A Business You Love

Let this brilliant lady share the importance of being able to clearly articulate who you are and what you are all about. Expressing it as the ‘self-concept’ Taylor will share ideas and inspiration enabling you to connect to a business you love. Your business. A business that feels fulfilling. Something you enjoy.

Mother of 3, Relationship Strategist & Self-Concept Coach

Life is too short…

From Chief Financial Officer of a Plc to embarking upon a spiritual quest triggered by a tragic family bereavement, Karen is challenging the business status quo by asking, “is there room in the modern workplace to be more human?”. Discover a different pathway to motivating your staff to build the strongest company possible.

International Keynote, Author, TV Host, Podcaster, Mentor & Business Owner

Get Ready To Play In The Butterfly Economy

Working for 35 years at the leading edge of transformational restructuring, Thomas will share incredible insights into moneyless exchange systems, community currencies, financial innovation and community economic development. Showing you how your local communities can take back control.

Scholar, Author, Global Speaker, Educator & Community Economist

Driving Revenue Growth With Trust

Understanding the correlation between collecting and using reviews to drive and grow revenues, Nigel will show you the data and the money! Sharing with you how his 3month experiment on Google led to an increase in revenue of 50%.

Serial Entrepreneur, previous Director of eCommerce at Kwik-Fit, Founder Trustist

Tapping Your Inner Business Wisdom

Andrew’s unique approach to life coaching intertwines the power of our journeys with our innate curiosity as humans. The result is powerful. No amount of advice from others or self-help books can replace the time we spend experiencing what our world has to offer first-hand.

The Journeyist Mindset & mBraining Master Coach

Creating Transformation Through Digital

With expertise gained from nearly two decades in multiple startups and businesses Doyle recognises the importance of playing the long game of digital strategy. Coaching and teaching across the digital spectrum understands what strategies work and why.

Digital Transformation & Digital Business Growth Specialist

Innovating Your Business Brand

Barnaby will take you through his foundational marketing system, a programme he has applied to over 570 brands worldwide. Get more clarity how to keep pace with the rapid changes taking place in marketing.

Top 200 Integrated Advertising Agency & Author of The Brand Bucket Programme

The 7 Voices In Your Head

Inspiring you to be your very best, Bill reveals the 7 voices to help you identify and understand the impact each voice is having on your wellbeing. He’ll share specific techniques to help you channel each voice more positively in your life. Helping you towards a life and career where you love what you do every day.

The 800-Pound Gorilla of Sales Performance, Author, Keynote Speaker & Chief Learning Officer

The Mental Health Comedian

As a humorous keynote speaker, Franks brings his corporate brand of comedy to educate, inspire and entertain. Ah-has and ha ha’s this is a one-of-a-kind presentation on matters of life and death.

Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Co-Author of ‘Guts, Grit & The Grind’

Motivating Your Small Team

Now bringing the discipline of the armed forces to business, James helps organisations improve output. Focusing in how to motivate small teams through innovation, inspiration and motivation.

Retired Army Major General (British Army & NATO), Project Manager MOD, Change Management & Leadership

Selling From The Colon – Why You Are Crap!

This presentation is the nuclear option if your sales process is the bottle neck to your growth. If you are feeling extra brave then jump onto this session. Benjamin is direct. He is not for everyone. He is challenging and brutal in his assessment. And 100% on your side if you want to make more money.

The UK’s Most Hated Sales Trainer

Events for growth

Harnessing the value of collaboration and connection – made possible through the wonderful chemistry of bringing people together. In person and online. There is a powerful magic that flows from meeting and shared experiences. Join Alex as he shares with you the enjoyable revenue growth opportunities of holding events.

Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, mBraining Master Coach & Crypto Investor

Common Sense Business Strategies

Focusing on what works and what doesn’t, Brian works with small business owners on the simple everyday actions that make the biggest difference in your business, like improving your profitability.

Specialist Accountancy Practices Consultant & Small Business Coach

COVID19 Trauma - How to help your team recover

In an ever-changing world, developing your emotional intelligence and understanding the psychological transitions you need to respond to change are foundational for finding clarity and discovering your purpose.

TEDx Speaker, Emotional Fitness Camps & Coach

Your Purpose Driven Business

Growing your business in the 21st century needs to be about more than simply making a profit. Join Paul as he shares insights about what types of business consumers and buyers want to engage with.

Author ‘Forces For Good’, Speaker business sustainability & certified B Corporation

Immediate Happiness

With a gift for identifying pain points, Anil is an expert on the topic of happiness. A world-renowned speaker he has worked with Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and many more. If you are interested in starting your path to happiness then don’t miss this talk.

No.1 Best-Selling Author, Global Speaker & Influencer

The Presentation Maestro

FDrawing from 30 years of knowledge and experience training presentation and public speaking at all levels, from CEO and board level to small business and entrepreneurs Michael will provide you with clear, straightforward advice how to win over your audience.

Senior Trainer, Executive Mentor, Presentation & Pitching Coach

Add a Zero, Without the Hustle

Recognised internationally, for over 16 years Stacey has been helping 6-7 figure entrepreneurs with powerful marketing and sales strategies, to get more clients, more profit and more time off to enjoy who and what they love.

Business Growth Consultant, International Coach Of The Year 2016, Featured On CNN, INC, MSN Money, Fox Business and Entrepreneur Magazine

Franchising Freedom

A franchisor with over 30 years of experience, building and running some of the UK’s leading independent franchise brands. He has developed franchise systems and networks across the world, recruiting hundreds of franchisees every year.

Franchise Consultant, Master Franchising, Best Selling Author & Speaker

Developing & Leading People

Join Matt as he shares with you his passion, insights, tactics and the strategies involved in leading successful teams. As the CEO of Bx Networking Matt leads the fastest growing community of entrepreneurs and business owners in Australia.

Business Growth Expert, Founder of Bx Networking, Author & Speaker

Future business sustainability

After attending the UN climate change conference in Bali, Wayne shifted his entrepreneurial skills to the global challenge of climate change. For the past 15 years he has devoted himself to bridging the nexus between financial markets and the environment, creating marketplaces and platforms that make it simple secure and transparent to finance to achieve environmental outcomes.

Chairman, Founder & Entrepreneur CTX and Former Founder Of Bartercard

Your Business, Your Way

With a unique talent for helping individuals and businesses to capture their vision, Bernie works with managers and teams helping them to build winning business strategies. Using behavioural testing and personality profiling to engage client teams and build company culture.

Bestselling Author, Speaker, Trainer, Coach & Business Mentor

108 Big Words

Sam’s purpose is to inspire and broadcast love, light and laughter. That’s why his new podcast is focusing on big words and big conversations. Join him as he lifts the lid on the importance of purpose and the significance of the number 108.

Host of 108 Big Words Podcast, Firewalking Instructor, Author & Speaker

Wealth Creation Utilising Trade Credit

A Fight MC for Foxsports, Main Event PPV and Aurora for over 22 years, A BBX member since 1997, former National Sales/Marketing and Sponsorship Manager of BBX for 10 years and today working with Bizspot on developing their brand onto the world stage particularly in the area of property acquisition using digital currencies.

Connecting Business Communities

With over 40years experience in the alternative currency world, John will share with you his passion for trading exchanges. Showing you how to identify, tap into and capitalise on the under-utilised assets in your business. Leveraging and monetising your spare capacity and unsold time to promote your business to a whole new market place.

BBX UK CEO & Founder Of Quantum Leap

Shout Out With Video Branding

Passionate about making quality videos available to everyone, Dan will share 35years of media, music and film production experience with you, and how importantly how to leverage the power of video for your business and your brand.

TV Production Expert (The Word, The Brit Awards, Big Brother & Top Gear), Music Video & Media Producer

Activity Drives Results

Having built and sold several highly successful businesses, trained 1000s of Sales People and Managers, Glenn knows a thing or two about what it takes to achieve success in business. Get the inside track from Glenn and let him guide you to achieve results you never thought possible.

Mentor, Executive Partner, Sales & Marketing Trainer & Ironman

Courtesy & Reciprocity

Exploring the old-fashioned ideas of good manners, social graces and personal courtesy – why they are very important for you and highly valuable to your business clients. Whether you are buying or selling, Dr. David shares his ideas on the rules of courtesy and how they can benefit you.

Coaching, Consulting, Mentoring & Organisational Support

Building Your Growth Network

Following a 25-year background in the military ‘Brock’ landed in Cornwall (UK). After a number of successful roles in management he is now passionately running a fast-growing business networking platform that is blowing up globally. Discover from Brock all about the value of networking and community building.

Ex-US Navy, Founder Your Partnerships With Over 50,000 Connections

Sales Edge

A relentless student, Joe studied and then applied cutting edge sales techniques, propelling himself to top 25% producer internationally. Distilling his strategies into a skills based sales programme “Rapport Mastery”, training companies all over the world with the skills they need to build and grow more successful businesses.

Ranked by Global Guru as the No.1 Sales Trainer & No.1 Sales Development Programme and International Speaker




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Small enterprise

You are keen to grow your company. You want to make some moves forward. So, which ones? Sounds like you need some fresh ideas and perspectives from experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who have been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt. There’s a whole stack of talent and capability to tap into here.


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